Science is fun, exciting and electrifying when you’re on space. But what if the only thing you have is a set of books and an internet connection? Would you really appreciate science? The Infinity Science Center brings the wonders of science through traditional exhibits from an astronaut’s perspective and a lot of activity-based space mission. The exhibits include omega flight stimulator, science express, science on a sphere, space gallery, outdoor exhibits and earth gallery.

Omega flight stimulator is the newest attraction where visitors ride in a 6.5 feet high, 9.5 feet wide and 25 feet long high-tech ride. The thrilling ride holds up to 15 passengers and follows the same technology used by professional pilots in their training. Passengers will feel the tension of the flight stimulator as it moves in 6 degrees motion. Get ready to take off while watching different enthralling themes such as flight and space as well as seasonal topics like Halloween and Christmas that are shown in a big HD screen.

“Great Nations Dare to Explore” exhibit is located at the Science Express area where guests can learn the successful explorations as well as historical dead-ends from early Egypt to future colonization of Mars. It also showcases the breakthrough done by NASA and the resident agencies. The exhibit is presented through models, artifacts, multimedia interactive and videos. In addition to the exhibits, this area features a TAO buoy which helps in understanding and predicting El Niño and La Niña.

Feel the space and see the floating view of Earth and other planets in the Science on the Sphere exhibit. Through an aptly-named computer system which uses four projectors, a 68-inch-diameter global presentation of planetary information from the past to the future surprises each visitor. It has 280 programs that teach the complex science which includes earthquake data, real-time weather and effects of global warming.

Enjoy the exhibits under the sky in the center’s Outdoor Exhibit. The space related items include the liquid propellant engine H-1 rocket engine, single-chamber liquid-fueled rocket engine F-1 rocket engine, a clandestine insertion and extraction craft Special Operations Craft-Riverine, date collection program device NOMAD Buoy and a tsunami detecting device Tsunami Buoy.

As of the moment, the earth gallery is still in its development stage. It promises a new set of exhibit/activity areas including Global Patterns, Deep Ocean Lab, Environmental Monitoring, Severe Weather Center and Remote Sensing Lab. Presently, the space is used for special events. The Infinity Science Center is open with all levels of sponsorship for the reality of this gallery.

After the educational trip, have your meal at the INFINITY Restaurant and don’t forget to buy souvenirs at the INFINITY Gift Shop.