Young visitors will surely enjoy Lynn Meadows Discovery Center which is Mississippi’s first children museum. It’s not only for entertainment but also for children to explore the customs of other culture and exposing them to the real world, of course, in a fun and exciting way.

Lynn Meadows Discovery Center allows the visitors to hold and explore its hands-on exhibits where children will be able to do role playing while educating themselves in the history of Mississippi. The expansive 15,000 square feet museum offers the kids indoor and outdoor adventures. Exhibits inside the museum include The Port, Super, Colossal, Climbing Sculpture, History Hotel, Winn-Dixie To Market, Dolan Avenue Depot, WLMDC-TV, Celebrate the World We Share-Mexico, Bear Camp Bayou and What It’s Like to be Me. Explore the 6-acres outdoor space with the famous Treehouse Village and the Bear Creek.

If the sea is too big for a toddler, The Port is the best alternative for this experience. Although its a waterless exhibit, the kids will be able to operate a crane and haul up a shrimp at the dock. For adventure seekers, Super, Colossal, Climbing Sculpture is a unique and challenging climbing structure. The History Hotel has lobby shops where it gives the 1890’s Mississippi experience. Winn-Dixie To Market is a grocery store where baked bread, seafood, garden veggies and flowers are sold. Whether a passenger or a train driver, the Outback Express will surely drop the kids off at the Dolan Avenue Depot.

The kids will enjoy the spotlight as they report in front of the camera about the latest environmental news in Mississippi in the WLMDC-TV. Get influenced with the Mexican culture at the Celebrate the World We Share-Mexico exhibit. The youngest visitors can participate too with the different programs each week at Bear Camp Bayou. More matured role-playing activity will provide awareness to the children with What It’s Like to be Me exhibit as it allows the kids to walk in another child’s shoes like the physically challenged.

The outdoor exhibits are simply irresistible! Kids and young at heart will definitely love the Treehouse Village where families can sit and relax after the tiring activities. For a calming sound coming from the babbling brook while inside the cabin or the child-sized wooden train, the Bear Creek is the best place to stay. Lynn Meadows Discovery Center is a playground-like museum that offers an ultimate destination for kids to get entertained and to be educated. It is open from Tuesday to Saturday, 10 a.m to 5 p.m. It is located at 246 Dolan Avenue in Gulfport, Mississippi. For more details call 228-897-6039 or visit