Biloxi’s diverse culture contributes in the beauty of the city and it has proved its strength as it was able to withstand the storms and regain its status over the years. The Old Brick House Biloxi is not an exemption when Hurricane Katrina hit the city. The structure built before the American Civil War was destroyed by the strong hurricane including its front porch, back wall and the staircase to the second floor. For almost six years from the devastating storm, the Old Brick House is fully restored and it’s back to operations.

The challenging restoration of the Old Brick House is such a lengthy project. Color and size are taken into consideration to guarantee that the brick will be the exact duplicate of the original. Since the museum is a brick structure, three bricks thick, the amount spent to finish it is $740,000. Although pricey, it is historically accurate and fully furnished.

In 1784, the house was built by John Henley and it was erected in the land owned by Jean Baptiste Carquotte which he had acquired through a land grant from the Spanish government. In 1950, it was neglected by Biloxi Garden Clubs and now owned by the City of Biloxi. As of last year, the house was one of the two oldest houses since the antebellum era which still stands today in the city.

For an inexpensive tour, visit the Old Brick House that operates as a historic house museum as well as a venue for gathering. It overlooks the Back Bay serving as its backdrop while giving a blend of French and American culture inside.